Is This WHY Your Investment Account Isn’t Growing?

Are you worried about having enough money?

... Is this nagging feeling causing you to fear your investment cash flow dwindling down to just pennies?

Are you worried about your cash flow being cut off… your bank account hitting zero… and not being able to pay for the most basic of expenses?

Are you scared to death about inflation quickly eroding your spending power… and leaving you all the more poor? 

Are you traumatized by the thought of asking family, or heaven forbid, friends for financial support?

If this is the path you’re walking right now… don’t worry. There is a specific way you can rid your life of these financial fears… take control of your future… and ensure your investments are producing the cash you need.

The truth about money…

Before you can find your way off this path of despair and worry, you must get your mind right about money. This is easier said than done, but it’s a critical component of taking charge of your future.

You need to realize your financial worries are caused by simply a fear of the Unknown. There is financial knowledge, once obtained, that can set you free. And it all starts with knowing a few simple things. 

Most investors I speak with are lacking a cohesive strategy.

They invest. They trade. They look at real estate. They look to start a business.

Every idea about money becomes an obsession… until the next idea comes around.

I call this the Shiny Coffee Pot Syndrome

You get distracted everytime something shiny crosses your path!

What I’ve discovered over almost 40 years of stock investing… you need to pick a limited number of strategies and stick to them. Focus on your investing strategy like a laser, and really understand what you’re doing.

Once you’ve mastered one investing strategy, you can then move onto the next.

Let me help you with an investing strategy that’s been around for over 100 years, and has made billions for investors…

The Billionaire Secret to Cash Flow…

I think Jayne Austin said it best:

“A large income is the best recipe for happiness I ever heard of.”  
- Jane Austen (1814)

Ms. Austen said that way back in 1814 - over 210 years ago! It still applies today. As a matter of fact, many billionaires have taken this statement to new heights.

You see, generating cash flow with your investments takes some skill and knowledge. Yet, this skill and knowledge sits in plain sight, for anyone to uncover.

I discovered it while studying different billionaires.

Look back over the last 30, 50, 100 years at any number of very, very rich men and you’ll find a common denominator… 


Take for example J.D. Rockefeller. A name that has been synonymous with wealth for almost 150 years… 

In 1923, Rockefeller testified before a senate committee where it was disclosed he owned “Standard Oil stock… paying an annual dividend of $11,946,622”! 

Remember that was in 1923 - one online source, indicated that would be the equivalent of $216,803,942.62 Today!

Yep - over $216 million… Every year

Warren Buffett is a more recent example.

It’s estimated that in 2024 Warren will gather up almost $6 billion dollars in dividends.

What many people don’t realize is most of Buffett’s investments pay a dividend!

Where’s all this money coming from?

$991 million from BofA
$878 Million from Apple
$843 Million from Occidental Petroleum
$736 Million from Coca Cola

Another billionaire investor, Bill Gates is projected to make over $464.5 Million in dividends - Every year!

Gates is a big buyer of dividend stocks. He owns 18M shares of Waste Management (WM) with a $2.60 per share payout. 

Gates owns 10M shares of Canadian National Railway (CNI) paying $2.28 a share. 

He also owns 7M shares of Caterpillar (CAT) paying a whopping $4.80 a share.

That’s $103 million a year in dividends - just from 3 stocks!

Here’s the truth…

You don’t need to be a billionaire… or even a millionaire to benefit from Dividend Stocks.

Starting with just a few shares, and reinvesting your dividends will significantly grow your investment portfolio. This is growth you can capture without the risk of losing it all!

I believe investing in dividend stocks is safer than trading options… takes less time out fo your day than day trading… and is far easier to understand than buying Crypto.

Dividend investing is easy… you buy a stock, collect the dividends… and if you’re smart reinvest the dividends.

The trouble comes from trying to figure out what stocks to buy!

The Problem With Dividends…

Like I said, dividend investing is easy… finding the right dividend stock isn’t.

Consider this… 

There are approximately 41,000 publicly traded companies in the world.

If you narrow it down to just the US, you’ll have more than 4,000 stocks to pick from.

That’s a lot of companies to read about and track…

If you narrow it down further and only focus on dividend paying stocks. About 53% of companies pay a dividend. That means you’ll only have about 2,120 different companies to pick from.

The reality is, no-one can look at and review 2,120 stocks, let alone 500… or even 100.

And even if you could review them all, staying up to date on the changes in the market, watching each company for corporate announcements, news, earnings reports, and financial information would take up all your free time.

So, we brought on a staff of people and started…

The Dividend Tree Newsletter

In this newsletter we publish our research around some of the best dividend stocks in the world.

We call it the Dividend Tree Newsletter… Because like a healthy fruit tree that produces a bountiful harvest year after year, dividend stocks do the same thing!

Every month we spend thousands of dollars putting together all this research. We hire real people, you won’t find any AI generated trades here!

All we do is focus on investing ideas for income. We do the heavy lifting and research… and present to you on a silver platter every trade idea.

Every idea we present is a dividend paying company… where we believe the business will grow… the profits will grow… and the dividend payout will grow.

It’s that simple.

When You Sign Up, You Get Access To The Following:

  • The Dividend Tree Newsletter, Portfolio and Updates: New trade alerts published mid-month. Portfolio updates are published at the beginning of the month.
  • Online Access To The Membership Site: Where you can find years worth of historical research, and reports.
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Plus You’ll Get Instant Access To Our Special Reports Including:

  • What’s Your Number?: A guide to a successful retirement.
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And of course...
  • The Quick Start Portfolio: New to the service, here are the first investment ideas to look at.
Like I mentioned, doing this research and publishing is expensive. But because we publish our results in a newsletter format, we can spread those costs across thousands of subscribers.

If you go on the website right now, you’ll find the Dividend Tree Newsletter available for the yearly price of only $250.

But since you just sat through my presentation today, I’m going to make a special offer - and cut the cost to just $129 a year.  

That’s less than $0.36 cents a day… 

But that’s not the end.

We stand behind our research. We believe it’s so valuable that once you start receiving it, you’ll never want to let it go.

After all, one single investment could end up skyrocketing your investments and throw off wheelbarrow’s full of cash.

We stand behind our newsletter so strongly, we offer this…

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

This is a never-ending guarantee! Try the Dividend Tree Newsletter, and if you’re not happy - ever - simply call in for a prorated refund of your subscription.  

All Special Reports, and profits from the trades, and income from the dividends, are yours to keep.

Click the big button below. On the next page you’ll simply enter your contact information, and payment details… then you’ll receive instant access to The Dividend Tree Newsletter, Owners only website, and all the Special Reports we described above.
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