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Here’s How…

So, you want to retire.

Wouldn’t it be beautiful? You achieve the ultimate goal and just quit working!

Imagine waking up every day filled with Joy.  

You wake up easily in the morning, after a full night's sleep. No blaring alarm clock, no frantic rush to get to work. No worries about a boss breathing down your neck about being on time.

You now have the freedom to enjoy a leisurely breakfast.  

The freedom to plan your day the way you want. NO schedules, NO appointments, NO clocking in and out… NO over-time work.

Imagine planning your week and month around things YOU want to do.

Traveling to Europe and visiting the Louvre and other famous museums. Driving cross country and camping at the national parks. Yellowstone is gorgeous.

Imagine spending a week straight with your kids and grandkids - cooking, traveling, playing games. Imagine the memories you’ll make.

Real. True. Freedom.

Unfortunately, not everyone has a glorious retirement in their future.

Like most people, you probably have the dark clouds of fear and stress overhanging your retirement!

The question in your mind is NOT if you can retire early… but if you can retire at all?
You have bills to pay. Maybe you still have a mortgage on your home. Are you helping your kids get established… or still putting some of them through school? Maybe your own parents are reaching an age where they need help - not just physically, but financially.

Are the nagging thoughts of all those bills eating away at you every night.

You’re asking yourself the dreaded question… Can I even AFFORD to retire?

Do I have enough money to retire?

Will I ever be able to retire?

The truth is… YES, YOU CAN RETIRE!

But you need a plan, you need to know how to invest for income.

I’m sorry, but the retirement plans our parents and grandparents used are just old and out of date.  

50 years ago… Heck, 25 years ago…

You could put some of your money into bonds… and keep a little in stocks. Add to that a little pension and a bit of money from Social Security, and you’d have enough cash to get by every month.  

But today, many of those options don’t exist any longer.

Pension plans are… Well, good luck. Very few people have access to pensions any more. The once ubiquitous pension plan is a dinosaur.  

As a matter of fact, among my friends, I don’t know a single person who has a pension.

(If you do, count yourself very lucky!)

Social Security is even worse. Government spending is a mess. We’re setting records for debt levels… and before long, we’ll see Social Security payouts cut, if not eliminated entirely for some people. 
"By my calculations, if you’re 50 or younger YOU WILL see your benefits CUT by 25% or more!"
Yep - you’ll get only 75% of what you were promised.  

I tell people if you’re under 50, don’t expect to get a full payout… and if you’re under 40… you might not get one at all!

That means, it’s on us to manage our retirement.

And a big question is… “How much do you need to save?” 

(More on that in a moment)

An even more complex question is: "Where do you invest the money you do save?"  

You need to be asking yourself… “How do I invest for my retirement?”
Too Many Complex Investment Options: 
First, let’s look at your investment options…

Well, surprise, surprise - the financial world is a hot mess - a Dumpster Fire if you will!

Let’s say you work hard and sock away all the cash you can. You scrimp. You save. You clip coupons and go without.

Where do you put your money?

Savings accounts are a JOKE.

You give your cash to the bank, and they pay you, what - less than 1% a year!

I just looked it up - the national average for savings accounts is 0.13%... no not 13%... ZERO point one three. If you invest $100,000, you make $130 every year - I don’t think we’re living off that!

Bonds aren’t much better.

The 10 Year government bond pays a whopping 2.9%... but wait, there’s a catch.

With the direction interest rates are going, there’s a real chance you can lose money investing in long term bonds. And once you tack on inflation - your real yield is actually negative!

So, you pay for the privilege of loaning the government money. I bet your broker and fund manager aren't telling you that!
"See what I mean when I say the financial markets are a mess!"
Real estate is a nice investment, and with inflation, it’s bound to grow in value. But, the cost of real estate is crazy expensive.  

I don’t know many people who have $400,000, $500,000, or $600,000 cash to buy a nice rental - it would wipe out most, if not all, of their savings. Worse still, do you really want to be managing tenants and fixing toilets in your golden years of retirement?

Maybe you’re lucky and have enough retirement savings to hire a money manager.
Why Money Managers Are Not the Answer…
First - have you seen their fees?  

You could pay 1% or 2% just to have some guy in a suit and tie put your money into mutual funds. (With $300,000 in savings that’s $3,000 to $6,000 in fees every year).

Oh, and don’t forget many of those mutual funds your “Professional Money Manager” recommends tack on fees too!  So you pay a fee, to get a list of mutual funds, that charge you a fee to manage your money.   What a racket.

I like to say, “Stock Brokers make you Broker!”

Second - despite all their fancy presentations, powerpoint slides, and complex spreadsheets, none of them ever beat the market with any predictability - EVER.  

So what are you paying them for?

Third - if your money manager screws up and loses your money… What happens then? Do you get to move in with them? Do they take care of you in old age - when you’re the most vulnerable?  

Of course not.  
"Your money manager will be skiing in Aspen, while you worry about paying your medical bills, and wonder how to put food on the table."
Worse still, many money managers will suggest you stick your retirement savings in a “Safe” Annuity. 

If you thought mutual fund managers charged high fees, just wait till you see the fees Annuities rack up.  

There's a reason Money guys love to sell annuities… It stacks cash in their safe - and you get to wonder if you’ll have enough to pay the bills.  Annuity sales people prey on your fears. They know you’re worried about having enough income as you get older.  

Seriously, it should be criminal the fees annuity companies charge.

Annuity horror stories abound. Just google “annuity horror stories” and you’ll see what I mean.

I’m going to step off my soap box… but just one more thing about annuities…

The worst part about annuities… once you get into them, it’s almost impossible to get out of them.  

You’ll pay massive surrender charges - practically an arm and a leg. But don’t worry about your money guy… he’ll get to keep his fat fees. He’s got a Mercedes to pay for you know!

Bottom line… investing and saving for retirement today is very different from what your parents and grandparents did.

So what’s the solution?

How do you prepare for retirement knowing the deck is stacked against you?
Three Simple Steps To A Joyful Retirement…
Like I said, it’s up to us to manage our own retirement… and manage our own money.

When I turned 50 I quickly realized I had to get serious. My wife and I are now laser focused on our retirement.  

Priority number one… is making sure we have enough!

What’s enough?

I’m glad you asked… I had that same damn question.

What is enough?  

I asked myself over and over again… What is enough? How do I know if I have enough? How much income do I really need… and more importantly… How much money do I need as a nest egg to retire?

After months of thinking and researching, I came up with three things I needed to figure out…

Let me warn you - the steps sound easy - but you have to really spend some time thinking them through.  

Here they are…
"Step One - Decide on what your retirement is REALLY going to look like… and what it’s REALLY going to cost..."
Are you going to play golf, or travel? Are you spending time with the kids, or volunteering? Are you moving after retirement, or maybe buying a summer home?  

Maybe you’re going to become snowbirds. That’s a big thing here in Arizona.

Maybe you only partially retire and continue working part time. The retirement options are endless… and that’s why you need to really think about this.

Get your dreams and plans down on paper so you can start planning.
Before you go crazy, let me say this.  I have a Special Report: “What’s Your Number… How Much Do You Need To Retire?” 

It’s more of a workbook, but it will help you estimate your expenses in retirement. I’m going to give it to you for free. (More on that in a moment.)

But, let me help keep it simple.
Special Report What's Your Number How Much Do You need To Retire?
Here’s a quick life hack… to really cut back on your retirement spending, get your house paid off… or downsize. Having a mortgage in retirement isn’t bad, but if you want to travel a lot - make sure you don’t have huge commitments at home.
First, pull out your bank statement and credit card statement.

Don’t worry, this math is easy. Add up what you spent last month on the credit card, and from your bank statement. Write that number down… That’s your average monthly spending.  

Now calculate 80% of your average monthly spending

If you spent $3,000 last month… 80% is $2,400.
Easy Peasy… 

Could you be spending more in retirement? 

Could you be spending less in retirement?  

Absolutely… but if you’re looking for a quick starting point, that’s as good of a number as any.

Now let’s keep going… 
"Step Two - Calculate how much 
income you need to retire..."
I told you earlier we’d get to this. The calculation isn’t hard - heck, you can use the calculator on your phone to figure this out. 

Just figure out what you are planning on spending each month in retirement… We just did that in Step #1.

Then subtract out any money you’re getting from a part time job or Social Security, or if you’re really lucky - your pension! 
"For my retirement calculations, I assume zero from the Social Security Administration… but your situation might be different!"
Whatever’s left over is the income you need to generate from your investments.

For example, If you determine your expenses are $2,400 a month… and you’re going to get $1,500 a month from Social Security… and You’re going to work part time at your church for $400 a month… then your monthly need is $500.
Don’t stress out about the numbers - I explain everything in detail In my special report... Including how to calculate IF you’re going to get Social Security Benefits - and how much.  

OK, we’re almost done with the math… I like to assume your investments will payout a 5% return.

In other words, the money you have saved should throw off 5% as income. (Again, you can assume more or less, depending on your own situation.)

For example, if you need $500 extra a month… $500 x 12 months is $6,000 per year. Just take $6,000 divided by 0.05 and you’ll get $120,000.

You’ll need to save $120,000.

See… That wasn’t all that hard.

Don’t spend too much time on this…  Like i said, I have a Special Report: “What’s Your Number… How Much Do You Need To Retire?” will walk you through everything step by step.

Now you know what your retirement is going to look like and cost… and you now know what you need to save to make your retirement a joyful one.

What’s Next?
"Step Three - Create a Steady Stream Of Income to Pay Your Bills."
This is where the rubber hits the road.

This is where the real secret to a joyful retirement is found… creating a steady stream of income to pay your bills.

As Jane Austen famously said,

“A large income is the best recipe for happiness I ever heard of.”

My hands down favorite way to generate a steady income without taking on a ton of risk is by owning dividend stocks.  

It doesn't take a genius to see dividend paying stocks offer up a generous income… and can grow over time. Unlike bonds where the payouts are fixed, Dividends are perfect for inflationary times! 
That’s why millionaires and billionaires and hedge fund tycoons alike all own dividend stocks.

Take for example the great investor Warren Buffett.

His investment in Coca-Cola (NYSE: KO) is a perfect example of the great strength of dividend paying stocks. Let’s go back to 1988 and 1989.

Coca-Cola was trading for about $40 a share. It was trading at a P/E ratio of about 15x. 
Billionaire Bill Gates is a big buyer of dividend stocks. He owns 18M shares of Waste Management (WM) with a $2.60 per share payout. 

Gates owns 10M shares of Canadian National Railway (CNI) paying $2.28 a share. 

He also owns 7M shares of Caterpillar (CAT) paying a whopping $4.80 a share.

That’s $103 million a year in dividends!
If you’re not sure about the P/E ratio don’t worry - it just showed the stock was decently valued - not too high and not too low.

Buffett identified this as a Forever stock… meaning he’s buying and doesn't have plans to sell.

What caught Buffett’s eye?

An undervalued stock, with steady revenue growth, and a great management team. Add to that a dividend that’s been increasing for years and years and you have the perfect investment.

Buffett now owns north of 400 million shares of Coca-Cola stock… Given today’s dividend payout, it works out to a yearly income stream of $704 Million.

Remember - That's the money Buffett collects from these dividends EVERY SINGLE YEAR!  

PLUS he gets the appreciation of the stock - which has doubled almost 22 times since 1988, by my calculations!

Just look at the chart…
Chart of KO stock price
Are you going to make $700 million a year by investing in dividend stocks?  

Probably not… but could you create a nice steady income by investing in similar dividend paying stocks?

Of course you can… and you should!

Keep in mind Coca-Cola isn’t the only dividend paying stock Buffett Owns.

Other Dividend paying stocks include:
  • Bank Of America (BAC) projected to pay close to $900 million in dividends to Buffett.
  • Chevron (CVX) is estimated to pay him another $900 Million.
  • Occidental Petroleum (OXY) is about $890 million.
  • Apple (AAPL) will payout almost $830 million in dividends
Let me leave you with one last crazy statistic about Warren Buffett’s CocaCola Dividends. It’s estimated his cost per share is around $3.25… and Coke is going to pay out this year $1.76 per share.  

That means good old Warren is making a cash on cash return of 54%... EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR.

If the power of dividends isn’t obvious to you by now… let me say this. I’d struggle to find a single billionaire who doesn't get a big chunk of money from dividends.

So, dividends are great… The problem is, you can’t just pick any old stock.
The Difficult Problem With Dividends…
Let me put this bluntly, finding the right dividend stocks to buy is hard.

Consider this… 

There are approximately 41,000 publicly traded companies in the world.

If you narrow it down to just the US, you’ll have more than 4,000 stocks to pick from.

That’s a lot of companies to read about and track…

If you narrow it down further and only focus on dividend paying stocks. About 53% of companies pay a dividend. That means you’ll only have about 2,120 different companies to pick from.
"Anyone who says investing in dividend stocks is easy, hasn’t seen the numbers."
The reality is, no-one can look at and review 2,120 stocks, let alone 500… or even 100.

And even if you could review them all, staying up to date on the changes in the market, watching each company for corporate announcements, news, earnings reports, and financial information would take up all your free time.

Retirement is about enjoying your life… Traveling, playing golf, visiting the kids and grandkids… or just relaxing.

You want to simplify your retirement - not take on another job - RIGHT!
How I Solved This Problem…
I solved the Dividend problem… but it took a long time. I worked hard at it.

Let me tell you a bit about myself…

I’ve spent the better part of 30 years in the finance industry and running my own business. I’ve invested in stocks and bonds, real estate, options, crypto, and everything in between. 

There’s nothing I love more than researching and studying the stock market. I could talk for days about the economy, trading, and the amazing businesses that are traded on the stock exchange.

I want you to know something personal…

In the last few years I’ve had some major events in my life. Two big things happened.

First, I set a world record!

Amazing right.  
"This picture is a recap of me setting a world record in the Men’s 2 Kilometer Individual Pursuit in Aguascalientes, Mexico."
If you know anyone who holds a world record, you’ll know the level of focus and drive needed over a long period of time to reach and maintain these elite levels. 

So you have a little glimpse into my personality and drive to achieve the best!

The other thing that happened… I turned 50.
My wife threw a big party for me.  All my friends and family turned out.

It was at that event, it dawned on me… Retirement is right around the corner.
Suddenly, the stress of retirement reared its ugly head, and it’s now my obsession.

I’m walking the same path you are.

I’m 50… and my wife is… a few years older. (I can’t say her age or she’d kill me!) ;-)

We’re thinking seriously about our retirement. This isn’t a someday thing… This is an everyday thing.  

We’re discussing our investments and cash flows over dinner. We’re watching our spending. We’re planning our travels, and retirement activities… and we’re thinking seriously about money.
"I’m not going to lie, there were some big questions we had to answer..."
  • Are we saving enough to retire?
  • How much do we REALLY NEED to retire?
  • When can we both retire?
  • How do I turn our savings into a reliable stream of income?
  • Will the income I generate cover my bills in retirement?
I wish I could say I had all the answers… I didn’t.

But that’s when my decades of business and financial experience kicked in.  

I started looking at retirement in new ways… I started asking questions. I quizzed my financial advisors (I quickly realized they were making a lot of money for doing very little), and talked to my friends and colleagues.

One thing became obvious. I needed to be laser focused on creating a steady stream of income in retirement.

I looked at everything.

I researched hundreds of different investment opportunities, from Cryptocurrencies, to real estate, stocks, bonds, REITS, BDCs, preferred stocks… 

But one thing kept pulling me back… DIVIDEND STOCKS.  

Dividend Stocks were perfect for retirement. They offered a steady stream of income, they had the opportunity to grow… and they offered a nice level of security.

That’s when my ideas around investing for retirement really started to solidify.

I realized almost everyone is smart enough to plan and invest for their retirement, but most of us are never given the financial education we need.

Blame the school system. Blame the politicians. Blame “BIG government”.  Blame the BIG banks who want to keep us in the dark.

Blame whomever you want… 

The reality is - we’re all on the hook for our own personal well being and happiness… AND we’re all on the hook for our own retirement.

That’s when I decided to share my research with anyone who wants to find joy (and financial security) in retirement…
Introducing The Dividend Tree Newsletter...
I just launched to the world - open to anyone - my research on retirement and investing.

I call it the Dividend Tree Newsletter!


Because like a fruit tree that produces a bountiful harvest year after year, dividend stocks do the same thing!
"When I say The Dividend Tree Newsletter is open to ANYONE, I mean ANYONE. You can literally start investing for retirement with a few hundred dollars."
The Dividend Tree Newsletter is laser focused on one thing - creating income through dividends. We research and find the very best dividend stocks, then share those findings with our readers.

But, what makes The Dividend Tree Newsletter so important?

I’m not just saying buy this stock or sell that stock.

I’m going deep on my retirement research. This newsletter is not just about stocks.  

It’s about EVERYTHING you need to quit worrying about retirement. It’s about understanding your retirement, and how NOT to be a burden on others. It’s about taking what we have and making the best of it!
When you sign-up for the Dividend Tree service the first thing you’ll get is my Special Report “What’s Your Number… How Much Do You Need To Retire?”

I’ve got hundreds of requests for this report!

But it’s only available to paid up subscribers.
This 44 page guide walks you step by step how to figure out what your retirement will look like… and more importantly determine what your retirement will cost.

It shares secrets of calculating retirement costs, what your income will be in retirement… and ultimately determining EXACTLY how much money you need to retire!

But that’s not all.
You’ll also get a second special report called “A RADICAL WAY To Live Off Dividends”.

What’s in the report?

A detailed guide to thinking about your expenses in retirement. Inside, I’ve “RETHOUGHT” the way you should look at dividends and your expenses in retirement.
It’s a new way of thinking - that I’ve NEVER seen before.

We open the treasure chest on a method we call Dividend Matching!™

It will help you understand if and when you can retire early!  

And If you’re already retired… It will guide you on a new way to line up your investments.
The third retirement guide you get when you sign up for the Dividend Tree Newsletter - is our “QUICK START PORTFOLIO: What To Buy Now!”

This guide gives you a list of stocks we absolutely LOVE and think you should scoop up right now!
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Considering your financial advisor might charge between $3,000 and $6,000 a year… and he provides NONE of these services… our prices are a steal.

We like to keep things simple… you’ll get thousands of dollars of research and retirement planning information - including the free reports - for one low price every year.

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Why am I willing to offer this guarantee?  

Because I’m 100% certain you’ll see the incredible value with everything I’m offering.
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