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00:00:00 – Introduction to the trading system, its creators and the fundamental philosophy driving its design and long-term advantages.

00:03:30 – Explanation of the key pillars of the system. This covers elements such as risk management, high probability trades, and the importance of consistency in trading.

00:06:00 – Unveiling of the system's unique approach to avoiding large losses. A deep dive into how the system's rules are designed to minimize risk and preserve capital.

00:08:00 – Detailed walkthrough of High Probability Trades. Explanation of how to identify them, why they are critical to the system's success, and real-world examples.

00:12:30 – Introduction to a typical day in the trading room. An inside look at the process, including how trades are identified, discussed, and executed.

00:16:00 – Discussion of potential returns from using the trading system, including a deep analysis of past performances and its consistency.  See the system perform over the most recent trading days.

00:18:30 – Explanation of the system's robustness, with emphasis on how it can adapt and deliver positive returns even in varying market conditions.

00:21:00 – Case study illustrating live trades. A comprehensive play-by-play of the system in action, providing insights into the decision-making process, trade execution, and the resulting outcomes.

00:25:00 – Talk on the benefits of being part of the live trading room, with emphasis on learning, collaboration, and real-time assistance from experienced traders.

00:30:00 – Introduction to the Funding Program. A detailed discussion on how this offering mitigates risk for new traders and provides a platform for learning and growth.

00:34:00 – Overview of the Proprietary Prop Firm feature. Explanation of its purpose, how it helps beginners start without risking their own funds, and the benefits it provides.

00:40:00 – Unveiling of the special 2023 offer. Detailed explanation of the offer's components, benefits for new enrollees, and how to access it.  Limited time.

00:44:00 – Insight into the trading platform compatibility. Detailed discussion on Trade Station and NinjaTrader, the two platforms supported by the system.  

00:48:30 – Explanation of the 90-day money-back performance guarantee. An in-depth look into its terms and conditions, reflecting the system's confidence in delivering consistent, positive results.

00:49:00 – A comprehensive Q&A segment answering common questions about the trading system. Covers topics including supported trading platforms, trading in a Roth IRA, auto trading and more.

00:52:00 – Elucidation of the prop firm funding process. Highlights how to qualify for funding, the profit split, and the benefits of trading with the prop firm.

00:54:30 – Conclusion and final thoughts. A recap of the system's unique aspects,  and an invitation to join the live trading.

00:55:00 – Closure with contact details and resources for further assistance. Emails, phone numbers, and the invitation to connect for personal help.

FOR EDUCATIONAL AND INFORMATION PURPOSES ONLY; NOT INVESTMENT ADVICE. NetPicks Services are offered for educational and informational purposes only and should NOT be construed as a securities-related offer or solicitation or be relied upon as personalized investment advice. We are not financial advisors and cannot give personalized advice. There is a risk of loss in all trading, and you may lose some or all of your original investment. Results presented are not typical. Please review the full risk disclaimer:

There are many different types of options with different characteristics subject to the following conditions. Buying options: Buying options involves less risk than selling options because, if the price of the underlying asset moves against you, investors can simply allow the option to lapse. The maximum loss is limited to the premium, plus any commission or other transaction charges. However, if investors buy a call option on a futures contract and investors later exercise the option, they will acquire the future. This will expose investors to the risks described under ‘futures’ and ‘contingent liability investment transactions’.

Writing options: If investors write an option, the risk involved is considerably greater than buying options. Investors may be liable for margin to maintain their position and a loss may be sustained well in excess of the premium received. By writing an option, investors accept a legal obligation to purchase or sell the underlying asset if the option is exercised against them however far the market price has moved away from the exercise price. If you already own the underlying asset which you have contracted to sell (when the options will be known as ‘covered call options’) the risk is reduced. If you do not own the underlying asset (‘uncovered call options’) the risk can be unlimited. Only experienced persons should contemplate writing uncovered options, and then only after securing full details of the applicable conditions and potential risk exposure.